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Obama Osama?

By acidreflux000     Mar 26, 2007 in Politics
Is a terrorist really going to run for president?
Or is a good man running for president?
Back when we had Clinton we had a chance to catch to Osama. We had him detained and when we asked Clinton what we should do with the rotten terrorist he told us to let him go. September rolled around and we lost thousands of our own Americans.
Was letting one lethal bad guy go worth losing all those innocent people?
For starters, it's not the innocent citizens fighting this war, it's the military and the government. They are the ones allowing these flaky commanders take charge of our country. We are just as responsible for voting for them.
The only person who has had at least one decent idea is Bush. Go to Iraq and let's wipe out them terrorists. Let's end this conflict the only way they know how to deal with things. If they want to bomb our country and kill our people, then they should have expected us to react with a counterattack. And why is it that people are so offended by this? Were you not there the day they crashed not one, but two of our own planes into our own buildings and killed our people?
And to add insult to injury, here is Obama running for president. And our own Americans are backing him up, kissing his butt, and playing his game. If you think we should tuck our tails under and hike out of this war, you are anti-American and just as terroristic as the ragheads that killed as those people. I'm surprised you haven't made your own home movie of you sawing some journalists head off, or crashed your own plane into some official building.
We must stay in this war. We must finish this and show them America is not a force to be reckon with. If we help them set up a good life over there they won't constantly be wanting to come over here and won't be so hostile if we show them they can make life just as good and enjoyable.
Reinstating the draft, huh? So socialists think that maybe if we bring back the draft and get hundreds of people who don't want to go to war, that maybe that might be enough to scare us out of Iraq and come home. What are they freaking about?! We haven't had a war in so many years nobody is used to it. Think about on World War 1 and 2, then the following wars. After the first one, we were on a roll. We knew what we we were doing and we knew what had to be done, by any means possible. The same rules apply to this day. America is not afraid to fight back. Americans are not afraid to fight back. Cowards want us home, but we know what we are doing is for every one's best interest. We have enough men and women volunteering, we don't need the draft.
Now to our main topic, Obama himself. So he lied about being a christian all his life, and worshipping the same god as the terrorists we are getting rid of. I don't know about you, but I always thought being a president meant you have to have certain american qualities like integrity. We have had a lot of government officials lie about a lot of different things. Since when do we let dishonest anti-American pigs into our offices?
Obama Osama? Ring any bells? Osama, the raghead who terrorized America years ago and threatened us and killed our people. Obama, the socialist. Of course he wants to stop the war. He wouldn't want anything more than to get our Americans out of his country. It's a joke that we are even letting him run for president. Any candidate that wants our people out of this war is anti-American.
These are my views and this is what I know. And if you defend this man you shouldn't be in this country. Support our troops and tell them they are doing a great job, because they are. They need our help just as much as we need them. Help them win and they can come home.
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