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article imageEnd of Ze World

By Samantha A. Torrence     Mar 26, 2007 in Politics
What will happen if the US launches Nukes? Watch and find out.
this won't allow me to embed so click the link for a good laugh: www.endofworld
As light hearted as this piece is, it tells the truth about what will happen if the US or any country decides to push the red button. People don't realize how serious nuclear war is. We joke about it in our day to day lives, but it is devastating. Iran's president is currently try to push buttons. He needs clued in to what he could start by using the threat of nuclear development.
Yes every country has the right to pursue nuclear power, but lets be honest. Amendijahd is not the most upstanding character. I do not think it is too much for the world to ask that he be regulated till he proves himself. It is too bad his actions have raised so much suspicion. The Iranian people deserve better.
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