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Woman's career takes off after Woody Allen fires her

By kurtrat     Mar 26, 2007 in Lifestyle
45-year old actress Annabelle Gurwitch has made a new career out of being fired by Woody Allen.
Four years ago, Gurwitch was fired from an off-Broadway play called "Writer's Block," directed by Woody Allen. But she has turned this rejection into success.
"When I got fired I felt my life fall apart," says Gurwitch. "Woody was my idol and here he was telling people I acted retarded." That is not a nice comment, Mr. Allen.
She kept talking about it and friends and even strangers related to her story so much, she wrote a book about it. Don't we all have a story of the terrible injustice done to us when we too were once (twice...) fired?
Gurwitch started collecting the tales people told her of their own workplace mishaps.
Now she has a well-reviewed book called Fired, and a film also called Fired that will premiere on Showtime on March 29. It features stories from a wide variety of people like Tim Allen, Fred Willard and former labor secretary Robert Reich. She is also a contributing writer and commentator on National Public Radio.
It really is true that revenge can sometimes be a dish best served cold.
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