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Miracle Baby Survives Flesh Eating Bug and 50 Blood Transfusions

By Lisa Angotti     Mar 27, 2007 in Health
Weighing only 1 pound at birth he lived through a flesh eating virus, six surgeries and 50 blood transfusions. And he is living proof that miracles do happen.
Victoria Simmonds knew that her tiny son could beat the odds.
"When he put his tiny hand on to mine, I knew he was going to be all right," said Miss Simmonds, 25, a civil servant from Cardiff. "He is such a little fighter."
Born at only 23 weeks and one of the most premature babies ever to be born in the UK, Kaven weighed barely more than a pound and was deemed a child who was sure to die. His bones were so fragile that ribs broke when he breathed, and legs fractured when his diaper was changed.
Fighting for his life, he spent his first six months in the hospital as he fought to survive despite a flesh-eating virus, six operations and 50 blood transfusion.
"We were so frightened for him," added his mother, whose 25-year old partner Lawrence Gainey is an IT project manager.
"We had him baptised before the operation, as the doctors didn't think he would be coming back. We just had to sit and pray that he would hang on."
Now a 15 pound 10-month-old, Kaven can wear baby clothes for 3-month-olds, and he will need physiotherapy until he's five.
Miss Simmonds said: "He is so tiny that some people think he is new-born. But he's doing fantastically well and we are so thrilled with his progress."
Kaven is just eight days older than the world' most premature baby, Amilia Taylor who was born in Florida at 21 weeks and six days. The survival of yet another early preemie will fuel abortion debates, as abortions are still allowed for non-medical reasons at 24 weeks.
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