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Local versus Organic: the New Food Debate

By Bob Ewing     Mar 25, 2007 in Lifestyle
The food debate expands, going beyond organic
The great food debate used to be organic versus non-organic This debate has shifted to organic versus local.
How we grow and transport food from the farm to the kitchen defines our society. Fast Food is becoming our most popular food delivery system and it is one of the most environmentally unfriendly. It is not sustainable to use so much energy to produce the paper, plastic, styrofoam and cardboard that we all too often find on our highways, sidewalks and city streets. How many miles does that ‘special’ meal travel before you eat it? How many gallons of fossil fuel are used in its production, storage and distribution?
A certified organic label means that no synthetic products have been used in the food production processes, this includes livestock feed. Organic food may still travel hundreds and thousands of miles from where it is produced to where it is consumed. This transportation requires fossil fuel use just as non-organic food does. The organic labels do not guarantee that there is equity in the work place or that fair labour practices exist.
Food, organic and non-organic, travels hundreds and thousands of miles to reach your plate. While it is not always possible I prefer to buy local first, we do not have a farmers market here so it does take more effort to find a source. To be honest Sobey's a grocery chain is where I but most of my food. they do carry an Atlantic provinces line.
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