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California Farm sues Taco Bell

By shally_316     Mar 27, 2007 in Health
The Boskovich farm is suing Taco Bell for the loss of million of dollars during the e.coli outbreak.
The California farm that Taco Bell blamed for it's e.coli outbreak last December are now filing a law suit against Taco Bell.
Boskovich Farms claim the fast food company continued to blame them saying their produce was the reason people were getting sick even though Taco bell knew the Boskovich Farms produce were not contaminated.
Taco Bell tried to save their own company at the expense of another company.
"The false connection between the farm and the fast food chain's e.coli problem has cost the Boskovich millions of dollars of business."
When the e.coli outbreak occurred Taco Bell believed that the green onions were the cause of the problem so they removed the green onions only to find out that the green onions were not the cause of the problem.
Taco Bell lost $20 million because of the outbreak.
Taco Bell Knew on December 9, 2006 that the green onions were not the cause of the e.coli outbreak.
The fast food company decided on December 13, 2006 to notify the public that the cause of the outbreak was due to the lettuce.
All Taco Bell ingredients were tested negative for e.coli the only thing that wasn't tested were the green onions so they were removed from the restaurants.
Green onions are no longer a ingredient that Taco Bell uses.
Because of declining sales the Boskovich farms didn't replant the 22 hectares of green onions that they had during the outbreak.
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