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Leave Elizabeth Edwards Alone Already

By timmack     Mar 25, 2007 in Politics
The other day it was announced that Elizabeth Edwards has bone cancer and would live for about another five years, tops. Now today Slate has came out with an article questioning if she is the biological mother of her two children.
Slate is claiming that based on her and her childrens age, and the fact, that Elizabeth Edwards had her chidren very late in life, that she may not be the biological mother of her two children. And, yes, Slate may have guessed right that Elizabeth Edwards used so called donor eggs to have her children.
But did Slate ever stop to consider, that perhaps Elizabeth Edwards may have thought that her children may still be a bit too young to understand a lot about donor eggs.
Or perhaps Elizabeth Edwards feared that her children would be taunted in school by their peers if she disclosed information like that to the press. And yes, when someone or someone's husband is running for President, their lives should be open to the public.
But, we must never forget to protect the children. Yes, its fair game to bring up questions about candidates and their spouses, but every attempt should be made to protect the children from any campaign slings that may be fired.
I wish Elizabeth and John Edwards all the best and I hope that we will not see anymore of that type of article again, like the one that Slate ran today.
If you think that Slate was wrong to question if Elizabeth Edwards is the biological mother of her two children, you can vote your opinion on the opinion poll that asks that question on the John Edwards Blog.
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