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Employees and Employers Battle Over Gun Control

By rob13     Mar 25, 2007 in Politics
The Florida Legislature is set to debate the right of employees to have guns on their employer's property. Some think that the businesses have no right to prevent employees who have a concealed carry permit from having guns on their property.
This is one debate the Republicans want no part of because it hits at two core values- private property rights over the right to bear arms.
Many companies have policies that do not allow weapons of any kind on their property. Most of these policies also state the employees cannot have weapons on their employer's property even if these weapons are secured safely in the employee’s car. However, a bill (HB 1417, SB 2356), looks to change these employer's policies on where employees have guns while at work.
Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, expanded a measure he filed last year that died under pressure from Florida's business lobby, which believes its property rights enable it to place conditions on employees, such as banning guns in parked cars, if there's a safety risk.
This year's bill would protect, along with firearms, other pieces of property that people are allowed to carry by law. Its supporters hope the expansion may inspire First Amendment defenders to join forces with Second Amendment supporters.
Many business owners think this bill goes too far in limiting not only who, but what can be brought on to their property. Businesses are worried that this bill will allow employees to keep other dangerous items, explosives and poisonous snakes just to name a few, in a car that sits in the employee parking lot. The big worry seems to be that businesses do not want to be held liable for any incidents that may occur because of these dangerous items being on their property.
"Employee safety is a top priority," said Grant Heston, spokesman for the Orlando Utilities Commission. "We support measures that ensure on-the-job safety and security standards that give employees every opportunity to do their best work."
But Louie Gibbs, president of Classic Fishing Products in Clermont, thinks businesses have no right to prevent employees who have a concealed carry permit from having guns on their property.
We have all heard stories about employees going on shooting rampages at their place of work, and it appears this bill may encourage this sort of action. Granted, you will not be able to bring weapons up to your work place. However, if this law passes, all a disgruntled employee has to do is wait inside his/her car. Then once this employees boss(es), or co-workers show up in the parking lot, these workers will be like 'fish in a barrel' to the disgruntled employee--easy to see and to kill.
Let's hope the Florida Legislature once again keeps it common sense by down voting this piece of legislation.
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