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article imageIran will 'try Britons for Espionage'

By bobSP     Mar 25, 2007 in World
A website ran by associates of the Iranian president has reported that the 15 Britons will be indicted on the charges of espionage -- a crime in Iran punishable by Death.
The website repeatedly referred to the 15 British soldiers as "insurgents" and stated that if they are found to have entered the Iranian waters on purpose, they will be found guilty and sentenced. The penalty for espionage in Iran? Death.
Officials in Tehran have already interrogated the men and woman about their 'aggressive' actions. Other websites are claiming that they've gotten confessions from the captive Britons, but this highly suspect--currently, the British government claims they were in the territorial waters of Iraq.
The ceasing of the 15 Britons comes just a couple days after the Ayatollah proclaimed that he would "take illegal actions" if they were not allowed to continue their nuclear program.
Espionage--give me a break. At this point, I'm pretty sure the Iranian government is simply trying to stir up trouble. If the only thing needed to convict them is the belief they entered Iranian waters on purpose, then these Britons are already dead. Iran is probably planning another event like 2004--where they paraded the captives around for a few days and levied similar charges before letting them go.
I hope Iran just lets these guys go soon--for the world's sake. If this type of action continues, diplomatic conflict will surely break down and something no one wants may be on its way.
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