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Simulated sex ruled not serious

By Competetant414     Mar 24, 2007 in Crime
Here's a weird article that is sure to draw lots of condemnation of the courts. A naked man had simulated sex with his 11 year old step-daughter, who still wore her PJ bottoms. The judge ruled it "was not a serious sexual assault"!
Can you believe that???? Well, here's even more from the Alberta judge: "The Queen's Bench judge also said multiple acts of fondling perpetrated on the victim on other occasions didn't elevate the crime to the most severe types of assaults".
"I am unable to conclude that these offenses fall at the serious end of the (sexual assault) scale,"
The man got 30 months instead of the 48 the Crown was seeking. ONLY 4 years??? What has society come to? How long would it have been before the father actually raped the little girl?
I am sorry if I have dredged up any hurtful memories to any DJ'r, but I am outraged over this kind of crap! What about you?
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