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New technology says a tiny implant could monitor cancer

By Bharvi     Mar 24, 2007 in Health
US researchers found a way to monitor using tiny implants.
The actual process would be - they use microscopic particles which stick to chemicals in cancer cells and show up during scans. It would also show the spread of cancer and the effect of drugs too.
They are trying to implant the particles for longer periods. The normal way does not show how much drug is going to the exact tumour. So, they wanted to test this. More over they haven't yet tested on a human being.
They are using microscopic nanoparticles made out of iron oxide and coated with a sugar called dextran.
It is also said that they are many millions of cancer cells in the tumours and it takes a very long time to get the desired results.
Hope they could do this in a no time span.
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