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article imageSave forests to fight global warming: Stern

By sibananda     Mar 23, 2007 in Environment
The world should do enough investment in deforestation to check global warming and emission of green house gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen so that economic development should happen at par with conservation of ecology avoiding a major disaster.
The world should invest 10 billion dollars annually to halve deforestation in the fight against global warming, Nicholas Stern, the author of a key climate change report, said Friday.
Forest clearance for farming and urban area development causes deforestation by which large amount of green house gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen are released which causes climate change.
Unless the world acts now to stop deforestation in Indonesia, Brazil and other countries a major disaster like world war or great depression of 1930 would happen which would derail all the economic development happening globally.
The appeal for spending 10 billion dollar annually to stop deforestation is not charity but a very good investment promising a good return economically and socially.
The money could also be given to national park to conserve forest and some could be used to conserve forest concession.
The United nations food and agricultural organization said this month that the global forest cover is 30% of total earth but has lost 3% in between year 1990 to 2005.
It has been predicted by world by scientific authority of world on global warming that the surface temperature of earth would rise between 1.8 degrees Celsius to 4.0 degrees Celsius by 2100.
Scientific reason that greenery leaves oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.
Due to pollution by vehicles and industry carbon dioxide is emitted.
If forestation is made it will lessen the quantity of gas in atmosphere lessening the temperature.
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