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Suspected Burglar Found Dead In Store Vent

By Carolyn E. Price     Mar 23, 2007 in Crime
An Express Food Mart had security cameras and burglary bars but that did not deter a determined, but unfortunate thief from trying to shimmy down the air vent. Problem is, he got stuck in the insulation and that's when his bad luck really kicked in.
Dallas police reported today that the owner of an Express Food Mart went in to open the store up only to find some legs hanging down from the ceiling of the store. His grim discovery had revealed the scene of a slow and painful death of a would-be break and enter specialist.
Police are saying that a Latino male in his early twenties tried to get into the Express Mart by going up on the roof and sliding down through an air vent into the store. As was evidenced by his untimely demise, he did not make it all the way through.
Several hours after the storekeeper discovered the body, the firefighters were finally able to cut through the thick insulation and remove him from the ceiling. "It was all but impossible until that material was removed," said Brent Wise, Dallas Fire and Rescue.
The store has security cameras and burglary bars however, that didn't stop the enterprising thief from trying this unusual, and ultimately fatal, method to break-in.
The store's owners didn't want to talk, and the Express Mart remains closed to customers. Nearby business owners were shocked by the strange scene.
"We never had anything bad happen around here," said Leticia Ortega, Margarita's Unisex Salon.
The body of the would-be thief will be examined but police are saying that the man probably suffocated after getting stuck in the vent hood. However, police are saying that it will take an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. The burglar's identity has not been released.
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