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Officials buy horns to counter coyotes

By RobotGod     Mar 22, 2007 in World
City officials have purchased 1,000 hand-held boat horns to help residents scare off coyotes. Code compliance manager Dirk Voss said this week he bought the horns early last month after residents complained that coyotes were killing their pets.
That's a novel idea... They spent $5,942 for the aerosol-powered horns, which emit sounds that can be heard up to a half-mile away over land. Some think it may cause problems as well. It likely will...You might scare off a coyote, but you are going to wake everyone in the house...I also have to wonder if the coyotes wont get used to this at some point...I can see dumb kids making each other deaf with the things too...But it is a good idea to try it. It will work for a little while at least.
Still "not privileged enough" to get a picture and it wont let me upload one...You know what a coyote looks like.
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