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article imageBush-Blair-Olmert, A triumvir of Criminality

By CTZenObserver     Mar 22, 2007 in Politics
Bolton claims that Bush-Blair deliberately blocked the talks of ceasefire during bombing of the civilians in Lebanon to dismantle Hezbollah's military capability. Bolton's testimony is enough to charge Bush and Blair for Crimes Against Humanity
Former US ambassador in the UN told BBC that US deliberately blocked the peace talks between Israel and Hizbollah during the latest heavy and broad bombings of the Lebanese civilian by the Israeli fighter jets.
He said that US wanted military capability of Hizbollah to be demolished, so stood on the way of negotiations in order to prolong the war. Bush's English side-kick Blair also followed his master in coolly watching a human tragedy unfolding as they demanded Syria to tell Hezbollah to "stop the shit they were doing".
Americans are stereotypically ignorant in the matters of politics. I feel sorry for the English who are widely well-aware of the world affairs and still live under an American puppet.
Read the full story in BBC
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