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Mennonites leaving Missouri over photo law

By Brandigal (Donna)     Mar 22, 2007 in Lifestyle
Some of the Mennonite community of Missouri are planning to move to Arkansas because of the 2004 law saying that all drivers must be photographed if they want a license.
The Mennonites says the 2004 law is conflicting with the Biblical prohibition against the making of "graven images".
The grocer, the butcher and a cabinet maker are all planning to leave.
The grocer said he is trying to sell his business. If he cannot he will have to stay but he will not be able to drive to get his supplies. He will have to rely on others to do so for him because he will not be able to drive.
Right now, if you object to having your picture on your license, you can have it left off but the picture will have to remain on file with the state.
Some Mennonites are ok with this but there are some who are not and plan to move.
This law became in place because of September 11 security crackdown.
Some of the main businesses of the community are planning to leave.
Some believe the Mennonites should not have to do this because "These people are no threat whatsoever to the larger society."
The Mennonites are not like the Amish in that they drive cars and use telephones. The cars are all painted black to be less showy.
There are some states that will license drivers whose religious beliefs forbid photos, such as Pennsylvania and Ohio and Arkansas.
California and Kentucky and Missouri have joined other states that have decided to eliminate the exemption.
The new photo law not only affects the drivers license. It also affects some being able to buy guns to hunt. In Pennsylvania a photo id is required to buy guns.
Some Amish people will not be able to leave the country like they have been doing in past for medical treatments because of the new passport law.
Ervin Kropf, the grocer said "We want to respect our government. We're not trying to fight them. But we still have our beliefs,"
I did not know that some states do not require a photo on a drivers license.
I have learned something new today. I also did not know Mennonites drive. I always thought they used a horse and buggy. I was wrong in my thinking.
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