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Farmer 'loved' killing wife

By Brandigal (Donna)     Mar 22, 2007 in Crime
An Alberta farmer admitted he killed his wife and admitted he was angry he did not make her suffer more.
Barry Schacker, 58, savagely beat his wife to death with a crowbar. Was he remorseful? NO
He told police that he was angry he did not make her suffer more.
Catharine Schacker, 55, died on May 27, 2005 as the result of a beating her husband gave her. They had been married for 9 years.
When asked if he was sorry he said "I'm sorry I finished it off too soon. Yes, I'm very, very sorry," He had better things planned for her.
He was laughing the entire time when he was telling police about how he planned for about 3 months to brand his wifes buttocks with their cattle branding "XO". He wanted to put one letter on each side.
He blamed their marriage problems on his wife gaining weight and getting a "demon" computer.
He admitted he wanted her daughter and granddaughter to leave their farm.
He had called police to see if anything could be done to make them leave and was told nothing could be done. So that is when he walked to the garage and got the crowbar.
His wife was at the table having tea with her daughter and he came in and started to beat her over and over again in the head with the crowbar. The daughter was hit with the crowbar as well when she tried to help her mother. She grabbed her 14 year old daughter and ran to get help.
After beating his wife, he got in his car and drove to a field. Police found him unconscious with a pill container.
He was arrested and charged with 1st degree murder.
His lawyer said that despite telling people he planned the murder for 3 months, his client "just snapped."
His wife died the next day in the hospital.
I think this man deserves to be locked away and never get out. Especially when he said to police "enjoyed every bit" "I loved it. I didn't think I was a killer, but I'm a killer." and he wished he would have "drug it on a little bit, a lot longer."
This man shows no remorse and I believe the courts should not feel sorry for him and give him a light sentence.
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