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article imageShape Magazine Reveals the 3 Keys to Losing Weight

By Lisa Angotti     Mar 22, 2007 in Health
Shape Magazine works with experts to identify the three keys everyone must know in order to lose weight. Find out what they are and get tips on sticking with your plan.
There are three main ingredients to changing your eating habits and as a result, win the battle of the bulge. James Hill, Ph.D., co-director of the National Weight Control Registry leads a group of 6,000 dieters who have kept 30 pounds off for at least a year. He says, above all else,
1. you must be emotionally committed,
2. you must have a conducive work and home enviornment,
3. and you MUST eat healthy foods you enjoy.
Shape Magazine spoke to weight-loss consultants who offered tips on how to achieve these goals. Some tips include:
1. Asking yourself and identify exactly why you want to lose weight. Whether it's to look better, lead a healthier lifestyle or wear a smaller size, you need to be honest about what motivates you.
2. Try to avoid eating over emotions.
3. Find other ways to reward yourself besides food.
4. Make a list of things you can do when you feel like burying your head in a vat of ice cream.
5. Take your time when you're eating. If you eat slower, you may eat less.
6. Realize that plateaus are part of weight loss, and don't be discouraged when you hit one.
7. Set an official start date and stick to it.
8. Balance your shopping cart like you would your diet. Half should be whole grains and produce. The other half should have lean meats, dairy and healthy fats.
9. Don't completely deprive yourself. If you fill your shopping cart with all diet food, and you deprive yourself when you're really craving a piece of chocolate, you're more likely to lose your bearings and overindulge if you've deprived yourself completely of the things you enjoy.
10. Avoid foods available in variety packs. A study once showed that the more choices you have, the more you are likely to eat. (I found this out for myself with CostCo's "Fruit and Nut Medley" trail mix. It's dangerous stuff!)
These tips and many more included in the Shape Magazine article link above should prove helpful in getting you back on track to a healthier life in 2007.
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