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Jenna Jameson and Ex-Husband in Bitter Fued

By geminivibe     Mar 22, 2007 in Entertainment
As previously reported by me, Jenna Jameson addressed her fans over their concerns on her weight loss. Jenna blamed her ex on stressing her out over the divorce. Now her ex is fighting back - sort of.
Earlier this week Jenna Jameson addressed concerns over her weight loss by posting on her blog.
Jameson stated that she needs support from her fans as she stressed out over her divorce with ex, Jay Grdina and even wrote, "Soon the divorce will be settled and I am hoping to come out unscathed, but my x is doing his best to make it hard."
Well, it would appear that Mr. Grdina, who married Jameson in 2003 and co- founded Club Jenna Inc, with Ms. Jameson. Also has his own blog on, and frequently visits Jameson's "blog".
Grdina retaliated in an indirect fashion and wrote:
Blah Blah Blah … people in life are amazing! It's funny how individuals always believe their own bullshit.. or basically their side of the story… as flamboyantly as they might want to tell it. Peeps will convince themselves that the shit they spout out of their mouths is the truth and that it justifies everything in their lil realm of reality!!
This is man's/woman's best justification of actions and feelings. I love to call it the "Denial Zone". There are always 3 sides to the story and only one side to the truth.. It's a funny theory, but it is a reality of life. People in general will always try to blame someone or some thing else for their own faults, inadequacies and/or weaknesses… this is a classic scenario and the best form of defiance! At some point in all of our lives we have to face… REALITY .. and the majority of the times its is not fun, exciting, or something anyone wants to deal with.
This is when the real people .. the ones with integrity and honesty step out from the pack. I recently read a blog from someone blaming their physical appearance on circumstances and situations.. all of which are completely self perpetuated, on a victim or stress and circumstances. At some point you just have to be honest with yourself… as much as it might hurt and say.. I need help, my life and what I am doing is wrong!
At which point you need to become proactive in the rectification of the situation. The saddest point about all of this is that most people have to hit rock bottom b4 they realize this simple truth….this is heart breaking to everyone that loves and supports that person. I always ask myself …why does it have to get this??? For the people that love and try to help.. well… we have an inherent flaw that is in most of us.. we want to help… we always want to come to the rescue; and the person in need has no control; abuses and consumes .. consumes like a psychic vampire!
These are just truths in life i like to pass on.. if they fit in your scenario of life, then appreciate them. I will never use this forum as a personal place to verbally slaughter people and/or personas…. This is a place where I can rant and express….. My theory to life is something that I believe to be helpful… that's it! Take it for what it's worth. I will do a blog later about what is happening in life…the last 4 weeks have been SIIIIIIKKKKK!!!!! That I will save for the next blog
Now, it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out who Grdina is addressing in his blog, especially since he posted just hours after Jameson posted.
Cyber battles are the way to go, because just hours after Grdina's post, Jameson decided to have the final word:
Publicity hungry..
Just like always... he rears his ugly head, only when it might mean a little press for him. He wants to be a star so bad, and has ridden my coat tails for years. I wish him luck, he wants it more than anyone I know. He gave everything up for it... period.
It's really too bad that he feels the need to bash me and not accept any blame for his hideous actions... but it will all come out in the end. The truth will set you free.
Good luck...
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