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article image'Group With' Tool Allows for Duplicate Posts

By Chris Hogg     Mar 22, 2007 in
Many writers have expressed frustration over posting an article just to find out later it's already been submitted. To ease the pain, is introducing its Group With feature that will cluster similar stories together so you can read news from a variety of sources.
What is Grouping?
Articles about the same news item (for example, two posts about Google launching a phone) can be "Grouped" so readers can get multiple sources/articles about the same breaking news. Like Google News, you sometimes have a favourite source or writer, and you would prefer to read news written by them. With DigitalJournal's new Group With feature, you can now cluster stories together.
Benefits to Writers
Did you find an article that lacked any real content? Was it missing facts? Think you can do better? Give it a shot! Now you can file another article on the same topic. No more rushing to be the first one out with a story; get your facts right, write comprehensive pieces and post. We want to promote the best quality writing from Digital Journalists, so we are inviting some healthy competition into the mix. Anyone can write an article on the same topic but provide a different source, opinion and/or more accurate information.
Benefits to Readers
If a Group contains three articles, for example, you will always see the best one by default. Since we want to promote the high-quality writing, in-depth coverage with the most information conveyed, the article with the most upvotes will appear on the front page under latest/important. The others in that Group will be visible when you click inside the article. When you click on the article, you will see a box that shows reports from other writers about the exact same news item (for example, UserA and UserB can both file a story on the Google phone launch). You can upvote one article you like best, or if you think two do a good job reporting the facts you can give both your vote.
Note: Casual readers of Digital Journal read the "Top News" tab which will always show them the "best" story by default. However, if you are browsing through "Latest" you might see two posts about the same thing. They might be clustered, but they will still show two posts under Latest tab. We have done this so that our users can catch duplicates and Group them, and so hardcore users can see every post.
How To "Group With"
You must be logged in to perform this action. At the top of every article, there is a new "Group With" link. If you know an article is a duplicate, click this button and a pop-up will ask you for the URL of the duplicate article. Enter the URL and a request will be sent to cluster the duplicates together. If you want to group articles together, make sure you are doing it to article about the same news item -- don't link a Paris Hilton post to a story about Microsoft. For example, only link UserA and UserB's stories about the Google Phone together because it's the same news written by two sources. Also, avoid linking related articles; an article today about a new law being passed might be an update from an article three months ago. But the news today is different than the report from months back, so don't Group With.
If you are the author of a post that was mistakenly grouped, click on the "ungroup" button at the bottom of the article to undo. Note: Only the original author can ungroup his/her article.
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