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Report: Just over ninety-two percent of people surveyed didn't know

By soome2000     Mar 21, 2007 in Environment
That there is a nuclear waste refinery within two hundred miles of their home.
March 16, 2007--6:03 am MCTV:
"The worlds largest nuclear refinery has cleared environmental regulatory hurdles for a proposed modification. Cameco refinery in Blind River wants the change the way it burns radioactively contaminated combustible by-products. Before it can make the move it needs a series of approvals from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. "
"Wow" said the soome family collectively, "we didn't even know it was there, wonder if anyone else knows."
Is it a secret? We didn't think so.
First we had to find out if it is really there. In a "Blind River" keyword search of a 1999 Inventory of Radioactive Waste, we found it is, for almost twenty years.
For the past five days the soome family has been asking friends, relatives, people waiting in the supermarket lines and one cab driver if they knew that a nuclear waste refinery was within 300 kilometres (186.411 miles). Total number polled, 78.
The results were amazing:
- Four people said they knew about "El Dorado", but didn't know the nature of the business there (5.1 %)
- One person actually knows someone who works there (these two knew they processed something nuclear) (2.56 %)
- The rest were surprised it existed (92.3 %)
I hope the results don't reflect the general population's ignorance of what is going on around them, I was in the 92.3%.
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