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Wow, These Cops Really Know How To Hand Out Punishment!

By Pamela Jean     Mar 21, 2007 in Health
OK - So, police in Poland are getting fed up with all of the drunks hitting the roads after sucking down too much beer. Have they increased the DUI fines, extended the jail terms or have they come up with something that will stop the madness?!
Police in Poland have devised a plan that they apparently feel will put a stop to the repeat offenders that continue to travel the highways and biways of the cities and towns while drunk.
Beer Goggles. Yep - you heard me right. Beer Goggles.
Now I have heard of some harsh punishment, but wow, this is bad. I am sure if this were happening in the US the American Civil Liberties Union would be all over it!
The drunk drivers, once sober, are required to report to the police station. Once they arrive they are escorted outside to a waiting vehicle. They are then forced to put on the Beer Goggles! The specially designed eyewear simulates the distorted vision experienced by a person that has been found to be legally drunk. The poor men are then pushed into the drivers seat of the waiting vehicle and told to "Drive!".
Imagine the fear and disorientation these men must be experiencing! Imagine being forced to operate a motorized vehicle with such impaired vision - and to have your vision impaired by none other than the Police!
How will these men ever be able to function as normal citizens again? How can they be subjected to something that is basically a crude form of torture!
This is just plain wrong. What can these cops be thinking?
I sure hope there isn't a Polish Civil LIberties Union - because if there is, these cops are toast.
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