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article imageRetro. If it has retro value, is it fashionable?

By archangelG     Mar 21, 2007 in Lifestyle
Of late, it seem that fashion has gone for a retro approach. But has it stopped there? There seems to be a want for everything retro these days.
I started noticing this about a year and a half ago, and have watched the lifestyle characteristics gear towards a more retro approach since then. I'm a fan of all things retro, although i have my reservations about a few old styles.
in this year and a half period, i have noticed a liking for many things considered retro to be in the forefront.
I tested this theory a little while ago. I had several retro things i had that had sellable value, albeit not much, but it helped to prove my theory nonetheless. I decided to hit ebay, armed with a Super Nintendo games console, a Sony Psone console, and a nokia 7110 mobile phone (very cool).
the first thing to go, was the Super Nintendo. I had a buyer contact me within 15 minutes of the lisitng beginning, and offered me a generous price for this Retro console. I was flabbergasted! The sony psone, went in similar circumstances after about half an hour of the listing, and the nokia 7110 (a phone made to emulate the phone used in the first Matrix film) went to a collector of all things retro.
I managed to earn nigh on £100 for the three items alone.
I myself like to go retro in many different aspects. I like old computers for their still usefulness, i have a nokia 8110 as my second mobile phone (which is a piece of beautiful technology) and if i ever play games, you can bet its an old arcade / nes / super nes hit. If you still have a zx spectrum computer anywhere, you can make a tidy fortune from this vintage computer. The original star wars toys can make you a very rich man indeed, if your willing to part with them.
But i don't stop there. I love old 80's shows like streethawk, knight rider, thundercats, and even some old retro manga hits like The Guyver. I wear red converse all stars, and my hair is a mixture of styles from the 80s, 90s and present day fashions. My ideal car is a 1980's dolorien, much like that of the back to the future films. I love 70's and 80's music, particularly anything with an analogue synth.
And its come back around! Most dance hits now are incorporating analogue synth sounds (such as "put your hands up for detroit", and "Destination unknown"), and old 80s backbeats. Canvas belts are back in, as well as ripped jeans, and anything denim with a patch on.
Doctor Who, an icon in retro television, has gained a new generation of audiences, from a retro approach.
Black ash furniture (an indicative feature of the 80s), is now an ideal and fashionable thing to have around the home. Old retro board games, can earn you a tidy fortune, expecially on ebay or amazon.
But what is it about retro things that oozes coolness? Admittedly alot of retro things have a camp value, which attracts diverse audiences. But people i know around my age, all are having a tendency to dress retro, and love all cool retro things. I'm only 25, but to see retro things like this come back around is truly wonderful, albeit making me feel a little old.
Rubiks cube anyone?
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