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Canadian Man Loses $30,000 In Internet Scam

By Lisa Angotti     Mar 20, 2007 in Crime
In Canada, police are investigating a check-writing scam that allegedly duped its victim out of at least $30,000.
Another victim of Internet fraud has come forward. This time, a 43-year-old fell victim to an Internet scam out of Nigeria that stole more than $30,000 in cold, hard cash.
Somehow, the female crook talked her victim into handing over credit car numbers so that she could cash checks. She promised that once she deposited checks into his account, he could remove the money, send part of it to her and keep the extra for himself. Of course the checks she deposited were fakes.
Nigerian-based Internet scams, often called 419 scams after Nigerian penal code, are becoming more common, and there are a group of would-be victims , called Scambaiters, that are fighting back. See related story: Scambaiters_Are_Turning_the_Tables_on_Internet_Crime
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