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The European Cheque Scam Warning what you should know

By Hotttttie     Mar 20, 2007 in Crime
The European Cheque Scam Cashes in on innocent people, what should you do to prevent this scam?
The European Cheque Scam is here but what exactly is it you ask?
Very simple but very important to read this .
Some of us receive a email , letter or call saying we Won something but have no memory of entering anything from a overseas company claiming they are going to pay you some funds.
You accept it and within short time a cheque arrives to your home asking you to deposit the funds in your account and allow it to process for it can clear some troubling legal mumble jumble. Although by you doing this you get to keep a certain amount and then send back the remaining funds to the company .
In a act of good faith on your behalf you accept it thinking you are doing something good but not knowing that this cheque is possibly stolen or forged and then the bank makes the discovery and you are held liable for the entire amount .
There is also another version of this that is quite popular
You place a simple classified ad for something you might be selling , sounds simple enough right? Well in most cases it is that simple but then you get a response from a person claiming that they are interested in what you have so they send you a cheque made out for more then the asking amount you requested.
So out of good faith you contact the person and advise them that they made it out for too much money and they respect you being being straight out and honest with them and tell you no worries go ahead and just cash it and to just send them back the difference. Only to find out you were stuck in a simliar situation .The cheque you received was nothing but worthless and now you are stuck again paying the entire amount again.
So if you think that you have been a possible victim or know anyone who has , contact PhoneBusters, a organization partially run by the RCMP that helps fighting scams .
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