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Starbucks: Homeless People can't drink Coffee in Stores

By Chris V. Thangham     Mar 20, 2007 in Business
Starbucks says the homeless people can buy coffee but can't stay.
Starbucks is for elite class drinkers only? It seems to be so, Louise Kilborn as shown in the picture, wanted to buy a cup of Starbucks coffee at Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She bought a cup of coffee and wanted to sit and drink she used to do it many times before. But she was told to leave the premises by a Starbucks employee. The reason was because of the following: She recognized one familiar face, a homeless man she knew from the Welcome Center and saw him leave. She wanted to ask him why he is leaving and can't stay. The guy immediately told her he can't stay and that he was asked to leave by the Starbucks employee. The employee who also saw Louise Kilborn talking with this guy, asked her to leave, he thought she was also homeless only she wasn't.
She felt humiliated, not because of the mistake by the employee, but rather that a homeless person cannot stay after buying a cup of coffee, and to be told to get out of the business. She doesn't want an apology from Starbucks, only to address the situation.
Louise Kilborn, used to be homeless once, but she turned her life around. She is volunteering at Glen Ellyn's Welcome Center, a site offered by United Methodist Church.
Other businesses are supporting Starbucks in this case, they are saying too many homeless are affecting their business.
Kilborn says people need to learn tolerance. I think she is absolutely right.
What do you think, is Starbucks right or wrong in sending the homeless out of their coffee shops?
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