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Are frozen vegetables a potential health hazzard for your kids?

By Hotttttie     Mar 20, 2007 in Health
Australian researchers strike a warning in regards to frozen veggies
As a child mom would always say" eat your vegetables all up, they will make you big and strong and they are good for you" was mom entirely right or could she have been wrong ?
Well she was right when it comes to fresh veggies no soubt but what about frozen vegggies?
Australian researchers have uncovered a bacteria better known as "Map" which is a sort of bacteria that lurks in frozen temperatures such as your freezer.
Registered Dietician Jennifer Sygo explains that the bacteria exists in soil and up to extremely cold temperatures , The concern though is much more frightening then that , the contaminated soil may come to contact with any food which means that it would be contaminated as well.
Map bugs have been found in the intestines of children who have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
This disease apparently has no known cure and no one's even quite sure what the cause of it is. Could this now leard to a potential explanation? The bug can only be Destroyed with temperatures of minus 18 or 165 above Celsius.
But don't give up on that quickly on veggies here are some ways you can enjoy them still.
Always make sure you store the vegetables well and properly .
Make sure alwasy that you cook your food thoroughly at high temperatures to make sure you are going to reduce your risk.
As you may recall hearing you are what you eat , so Let's eat well and healthy.
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