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Vernal Equinox / Spring Forward predictions

By archangelG     Mar 20, 2007 in Lifestyle
The srping forward always generates a source of fascination and change, in both or hearts, minds and bodies. Spring is on the way. But what does it portend? Psychic and Spiritualist Medium Matthew Stevenson, sets down the roadmap for the next three month
After recent meditations and thoughts on the spring forward / vernal equinox, one sees great changes coming into play. I feel as though a gentle wave of reassurance has been passed over me, and that wave washes clean any anxieties, troubles, and negative feelings i might have had over the future ahead.
For me, the vernal equinox has long been a time of excitement and discovery. Somehting out of the blue or unexpected always happens, and so i look to the days between March 20th up to March 24 with anticipation.
This year has been no different in all fairness. Ive had my ups and downs over the past few weeks, which have presented life changing decisions and directions.
The main thing that raises an eyebrow or two about the vernal equinox this year, is its colseness to both the total lunar eclipse (3 March) and the solar eclipse (19th March).
The gap of 16 days siginfies to me a gap of a week and a day, on either side. In my meditations this showed as a gateway, in which new energies and influences have travelled through, and old ways and means have travelled out.
Referring to my meditation on the lunar eclipse earlier this month:
"Its strange. Ive been meditating on the eclipse and what it will bring. I feel energised and motivated, and also determined. I feel as though if i wanted anything it would be within my grasp..
Interesting sensation. Visually, i am told that this lunar eclipse brings a traveller, who will use th eclipse to make its presence known, and will inger for a day or so after before departing. The presence feels male, yet mischevious and playful, as though it were here to enjoy itself rather than conduct serious works. I get a sense however that its here for both.
Now is the time for changes, both spiritual and physical.
Energies of the trickster, seem to be at play, which is no unlikely wince we're in the middle of a mercury retrograde.
If there's anything you want, go out and get it. Now is the time for impulse, instinct, and going with the heart, not necessarily the head.
Have fun, i know i will. :D
The entity that came during this eclipse.has stayed with me long after its passing, and has brought news of the coming changes for the equinox. Now is a time for renewal, of letting old habits and sleeping dogs lie.
In the world stage, one sees new policies and ideals coming into place. I predict that the middle east problems will reach a head whereby a measure of equilibrium will be formed, and a peaceful solution on both sides may be presented. By all means this will not be a permanent solution, but will prvide means for progress.
By means of advice for th next three months, one will see major changes in work, home and relationships. Decisions that have been pricking your conscience for a while now, will reach that stage where you are ready to make them with confidence and diligence.
Its time to clean house, and not just the regular spring clean. Make sure your affiars are all in order, especialy concerning financial matters. Great changes bring with them great surprises, and as a result of such, one might find financial "fresh air" regarding these matters. A good sorting out of these affairs will therefore help no end.
As for me, im already planning to make greater changes in my work and financial affairs. If yourplanning to make these changes yourself, now would be a favourable time to do it.
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