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article imageDJ. Who Are You?

By Samantha A. Torrence     Mar 20, 2007 in
DJ is home to bloggers from many walks of life. Why not try to understand them a bit better?
In a blogging community where you discuss with one another it is important to know a bit about a person. Where they come from, not necessarily name and town, but attitude.
I have only been on DJ for about a week and already I have come across people who are from different countries, different mindsets, different classes, different religions, etc.
Sometimes when we are so different we assume others feel the way we do, or see things the way we do. We get so stuck on our impressions of the world that other opinions seem unreal, or even unworthy of our notice.
We should take time out to once in a while talk about our way of thinking and more importantly to try to empathize and understand another person's way of thinking.
So share a little about your life that you don't feel would be too intrusive.
Here is a bit about me.
I am twenty five years old. My husband and I own our own home and make the payments by the skin of our teeth. Our area is economically depressed so we have achieved our ultimate dream, having a house to call our own. We are a multigenerational household, we have his mother living with us. If anyone has a Mother in Law living with you, you know it can be a blessing and a curse.
We are very blessed to have three healthy children, and lots of love in our home. Once my kids are off to school I want to start doing charity work in my neighborhood and become involved in the Feminists for Life movement.
I am also a military wife, and want to start contributing to the military family community.
I am an ecumenical Christian. Meaning I base my beliefs off of Christianity but believe that other religions have much truth to them and I follow some of those principles. Hinduism/Buddhism/Taoism all speak to my way of thinking.
I am currently trying to read the Koran so I can understand my fellow Muslims more.
I have no political party affiliation because I think all parties are corrupt and not worth my time. I am a moderate conservative in political leaning though.
I value decorum as much as possible, but sometimes I slip up now and again. Then the spitfire inside of me comes out and I end up putting my foot in my mouth.
That is pretty much me. So what about you?
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