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article imageSmoking Causes Wrinkles on More Than Just Your Face

By geminivibe     Mar 19, 2007 in Health
Think that smoking causes yellowing and wrinkling on just the face? Think again.
A new study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, shows that smoking not only causes wrinkling on the face, but all over the body. Including yellowing.
Researchers reported Monday that smoking affects the skin all over the body, even that protected from the suns harmful UV rays. Dr. Yolanda Helfrich of the University of Michigan, who led the study said, "We examined non-facial skin that was protected from the sun, and found that the total number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day and the total years a person has smoked were linked with the amount of skin damage a person experienced. In participants older than 65 years, smokers had significantly more fine wrinkling than nonsmokers. Similar findings were seen in participants aged 45 to 65 years."
82 people were tested, both smokers and nonsmokers, and pictures were taken of their inner right arms. The 82 people ranged in ages from 22 to 91 and half were smokers.
Independent judges measured how wrinkled each persons skin was.
When measured by facial wrinkles previous studies have found that cigarette smoking contributes to premature skin aging, but not many studies have shown what smoking does to skin that is exposed to light.
Many previous studies have shown that smoking constricts the blood vessels beneath the skin, which reduces the blood supply to the skin.
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