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article imageMicrochips could be used to possibly help prevent child abductions

By Hotttttie     Mar 19, 2007 in World
Microchips have been a key method when it comes to a missing pet,now a new break through might be used to locate abducted children
Every day the horror that surrounds our streets haunts us in the back of our mind. The Amber alerts flashing across the television screens , non stop news and radio stations desperately seeking the publics help in locating another child that has gone missing.
This is a on going scenario that turns out to be one of the biggest fears any parent faces. Many children and young adults go missing, gone without a trace , some are found and happily returned while some poor souls are later to be found Dead.
Some steps have been taken toward punishment of abductors, such steps inclued "Jessica's Law" in Florida and similar statutes in other states. But these are only laws which are used after a child is harmed . But what about taking some preventative measures; or a least trying to come up with some kind of processthat can possibly find the child before they can be harmed or killed?
A possible method has been in the talks involving GPS.
GPS has been used in animals for years to help track them, their information and owner and much more. There are other methods of GPS which are more advanced which allows tracking by satellite. A technology so advanced that it can also locate a animal to a space of a few meters.
Of course there will always be a fear of this being abused by government
but seeing use of tracking chips would be voluntary and the fact that they can be removed should mitigate privacy concerns.
This method might be a breakthrough in locating the ones we love most. A possible way of making it easier to help us protect our assets. Our children are our future they are the ones that will carry us to death. Lets all take a step to try in the meantime to practise some safety precautions and always be aware that in a blink of an eye they could be gone without a trace. No one wants to lose what we love most engaging in effort to try to be safe is something every child and family should practise and maintain as best as possible.
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