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Is Oprah Winfrey Leading Us Straight To Hell? OP/ED

By Pamela Jean     Mar 20, 2007 in World
Oprah Winfrey recently went mainstream with her core beliefs, indicating that they have a firm foundation in "The Secret" - and in investigating the origins of "The Secret" I was shaken by what I discovered.
In writing the article regarding “The Secret” , my investigations and research led me, not surprisingly, to the original text that got this whole thing started.
Now, perhaps some of you are familiar with the book “A Course In Miracles”. For those of you who are not, let me share a bit of background regarding the book and it’s author.
In 1965 a Jewish atheistic psychologist, Helen Schucman, began to channel messages from a spirit she believed to be Jesus. She ultimately produced, or she says Jesus revealed to her, well over a thousand pages of revelation during the next seven years.
Helen states that she began to have “highly symbolic dreams” and began experiencing “strange images”. As she began to write the words, “this is a course in miracles” appeared on the paper, and the “voice” identified itself as Jesus. The Course took on a distinct Christian tone in its writings…..but, is very far from anything Christian.
I can remember buying this book in 1976. Being a curious 20 year old – I wanted to see just what “A Course In Miracles” had to offer. Now, keep in mind that I was a Christian, had been since I was a child. As I began reading The Course, I was absolutely swept up in its vision. It is written in the same Chapter and Verse manner as The Holy Bible. It speaks of love and beauty. The essential message of The Course is that we are God, we hold the key to our own reality, we are what we believe. There is no sin, as sin is only a consequence of our thoughts. If we think bad thoughts, then bad will occur. We are to search for our “inner voice”, that “spiritual guide” that will help us in our journey to become one with the Universe. The core message being – I AM GOD.
I can also recall, as I was reading, an "inner voice" speaking to me. Thankfully, my inner voice was shouting “turn away, stop reading, this is not of God.” I could actually feel the struggle going on within myself. I stopped. I prayed. I knew that what I was reading was not anything Christian. I knew that it was the clever and manipulative “twisting” of Christian theology, presented in such a fashion as to eventually turn me away from Christ – and instead walk me directly into the hands of the Anti-Christ.
I took the book back to the store. I was too afraid to even have it in my apartment. It was that powerful. That frightening.
I continued over the next few years to watch and see if it went mainstream. "The Course In Miracles" did not. However, the message contained in The Course was delivered instead.
Marianne Williamson, a former lounge singer and now its most celebrated guru, has become The Course's media star, appearing on numerous television programs. Her most-watched and persuasive appearance was on Oprah. Oprah is a very vocal supporter of Williamson and her beliefs.
I was shocked and once again frightened to learn that since my first encounter with it in 1976, that "The Course In Miracles" has now been introduced into Christian Churches and is being studied, right along side the Bible. That the message contained therein has been embraced by many mainstream Churches!!
According to The Course, sickness, hate, pain, fear, guilt, and sin are all illusions." The stated goal of The Course is to change how one thinks, to change one's belief system by subtle deception. The Manual for Teachers boldly says, "It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this course aims at a complete reversal of thought."
The Course is actually very far removed from the principles taught in the Holy Bible.......
First, The Course teaches that God did not create the world. It teaches that we are all equal to Christ, and it states that Jesus did not suffer and die for man’s sins.
The Text says that, "Christ waits for your acceptance of Him as yourself, and of His wholeness as yours."
The true Word of God from the Bible warns us of such teachings when we read, "Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name saying, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many" (Matt. 24:4-5).
So, with this being said, Oprah Winfrey is embarking on her mission to bring “The Secret” and “A Course In Miracles” into the mainstream.
We’ve all witnessed her success with the Oprah Book Club… there any doubt whatsoever that this woman that holds such prestige and power in today’s culture, and with the mass media, will have any trouble whatsoever leading Christians, Jews, Muslims and Atheists alike down the merry path to "A Course In Miracles".
Just who do you believe is the true creator of this “Course In Miracles"?
And, are you ready to embrace it?
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