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article imageUpdate: Odyssey Cave Image Released

By Tea Lulic     Mar 19, 2007 in Technology
Finally, we get a picture of the possible cave on Mars.
This is an update on the previous story I have written about the possibility of seven caves on Mars.
As I have stated, Odyssey returned images from Mars which I was not able to access when I posted the original article. However, today I have come across one of the images from Mars that has been released probably today or yesterday.
As you can see in the image above, the cave looks pretty deep and covers a great distance on Mars' surface.
Scientists have decided that they will further research these caves. Reserach will include "detailed on-site measurements of thermal properties of terrestrial caves, together with thermal imaging of cave-bearing formations on earth; development of computer models that characterize thermal properties of caves; and delineation of areas on the surface of Mars likely to contain lava tube caves, and computerized and visual scrutiny of these areas for caves and cave-like structures.”
The finding of caves has sparked rumours in between researchers that there may have been previous life on Mars. However, to come to this sort of conclusion more research needs to be done. NASA plans to use advanced gear with HiRiSE (this is image equipment with high resolution). This will hopefully allow the scientists to find out more information about these caves.
According to the article, by using this technology, particularly HiRiSE, scientists will be able to measure the depth of the caves, how thick the ceiling is and whether it is a hole or just seems like it is.
It is evident that more evidence and research will be done on Mars in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, we will get more images of these caves. In that case, I will make sure to post them in this article or in another article with further analysis of the research. Stay tuned as we try to make sense of this new-found mystery on Mars.
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