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article imageUK fly-tipping is a problem on a 'massive scale'

By Steve in the UK     Mar 19, 2007 in Crime
The Countryside Alliance has warned about the massive problem of fly-tipping within the UK with some 2.5 million cases between April 2005 and 2006.
The sad thing is that out of these 2.5 million cases there were only 24,460 prosecutions, thats less than 1 in 100 offenders was prosecuted.
A "bin tax", which has not yet been ruled out by the government, would only make this problem worst. Although the idea of the "bin tax" is to make people start to recycle more the sad truth is that people will just not put they black sack rubbish out for the bin men to collect if they know they are just going to get charged extra for. "An increasingly appealing option" would be to just dump it in a nearby alley way or even worst woodland.
Last year, a think tank urged the government to give councils powers to charge households for disposing of non-recyclable rubbish.
1. Liverpool - 1,249,527
2. Sheffield - 161,898
3. Haringey, London - 63,767
4. K'ton and Chelsea - 58,374
5. Manchester - 30,818
6. Birmingham - 25,782
7. Southwark, London - 24,852
8. Lewisham, London - 18,987
9. Portsmouth - 18,883
10. Newcastle - 18,244
Althougn the Institute for Public Policy Research said a "pay as you throw" system would be the only way to improve the the amount that was recycled it the UK. The Countryside Alliance has said that this would mean that Britain's fly-tipping problem "may get worse before it gets better".
The alliance said its report marked the launch of its national campaign which aimed to push the issue up the agenda.
The cost of clearing up fly-tipping to local authorities alone was nearly £100m between April 2005/2006, the alliance said.
The Countryside Alliance is also co-ordinating a National Fly-Tipping Week in the UK from 23 to 29 April to raise awareness.
Is that awareness of the problem or how to go fly tipping without getting court?
As out of the 24,460 prosecutions, between April 2005 in April 2006, only EIGHT resulted in a custodial sentences, with 44 community services and 120 with an absolute or conditional discharges.
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