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article imageTarot for the week ahead...! (19/03/07 - 26/03/07)

By archangelG     Mar 18, 2007 in Lifestyle
Here's a reading for the week ahead, which you may find helpful, by psychic and spiritualist medium: Matthew Stevenson
Reading Category: Development / Relationships / Career
For those of you who don't know how tarot works, ill let you know. I meditate first, then shuffle the cards, and when i feel its the right time to stop, i do. I then deal 3 cards from the top, each representing a point in time, one past, one present, and one future. I'm using the Merlin Tarot by RJ Stewart, and its imagery is a little different from the original tarot / rider Waite. I will post equivalents to those cards where necessary, for those of you already familiar and experienced with tarot.
Anyhow, here goes:
Card 1 - The Past - Four of Serpents (Original / Rider Waite Tarot: Four of wands)
The generosity that this card speaks of, is primarily that of hard work. It is about the generosity that is given without want of reward, that which is given possibly at cost, but yet does not ask for anything in return, except the reward that one obtains through hard work and diligence. In essence this card is about the development of the self, progress and a willingness to dedicate ones resources possibly to a higher purpose, without want of physical reward.
Following the experiences of last week, and the advices projected by the "unlikely" sources (the innocent), one will seek to work harder and dedicate oneself to a project that meets both the ambitions expressed last week, and also the new thoughts and ideals presented via the advices and unknown patterns that were going on whilst you were dealing with other matters.
Card 2 - The Present - Ten of Beasts (Original / Rider Waite Tarot: Ten of Coins / Pentacles)
This card does exactly what it says on the box. In short the opportunity presented by the ten of beasts is that of a result presented by the hard work presented by that of the past, in this case it is good that this card has followed the previous one in this reading, it shows a continuation in both the numerology of the cards, and also that of a directional energy presented as a course of the events.
In short, it is showing that as a result of your efforts and diligence (and perfectionism) you are finally getting somewhere, and perhaps an opportunity that emerges should not be one that is missed.
Card 3 - The future - The Universe (Original / Rider Waite Tarot: The World)
"At the end, it all begins anew"
This card symbolises the full circle of events, and the opportunities for the self and developments to start anew, be that of relationships, work, money, family etc. It is all one and the same, and in this case the world signifies completion, as either a goal that will be reached now, or as a goal that is seen as a result of the opportunities put in place this week. Either way, the presence of this card is a fortunate one, it shows that your intended ambitions and hopes of previous weeks, have finally taken shape in the form of a complete solution, or as a means of "transport" or a "Stepping stone" for you to obtain your goals as a result of your efforts. Fear not, for the future is bright and holds many opportunities and adventures, that can only be learned by you on your path alone. When that journey is complete, another begins.
Following the trials and problems of the previous week, and taking the advices presented by the unlikely sources, one can finally see the opportunity to work hard, both diligently and generously, knowing that your cause is a worthy one of your efforts, time and personality.
Through this hard work this week, an opportunity will present itself in which may be a complete solution, or means to this solution, to which you can realise your dreams and ambitions. Although many hard paths lay ahead of you, you know you will succeed with your diligence, and hard work, and kind natured manner.
To achieve your complete goals however, do not look too far ahead, but concentrate on matters in hand, otherwise your solutions and means to realising your dreams, could slip away from you.
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