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Laughter May Boost Altruistic Behavior

By sibananda     Mar 18, 2007 in Health
Laughter makes a person to act selfless
Laughter has many good effects on the person who laughs a lot. One effect has been medically proved that it increases the longevity by reliving the tension in person. For that reason there are laughter clubs all over the world. in almost every city.
Recently after conducting research it has been found out the laughter also make a person selfless. He or she only thinks good of the people. So charity organisations could increase levels of increased donation making people laugh.
‘This study may have important implications for the way charities or organizations could increase the level of received donations,” said Mark van Vugt of the University of Kent, lead author of the unpublished study.
The study also suggested that laughter increases endorphin levels, which are known to be part of the body's mood-lifting chemistry.
Laughing has many positive effect on health and behaviour. Many spiritual
organisation are observing laughing day.
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