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Child Sexual Abuse More Likely in Single-Parent Homes

By sibananda     Mar 16, 2007 in Crime
A U.S study found that adult persons brought up in single parent home more susceptible to sexual abuse than others during their childhood.
sexual abuse of child is prevalent all over the globe. Most of the cases do not
come to lime light due to lack of awareness and socio-economic factor prevalent at the place of occurrence. In third world countries child abuse in most of the cases not reported.
Recently a study by a renowned professor in USA Dr. William C. Holmes, an assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine has stated that sexual abuse of the children more likely to occur in single parent home rather than double parent. As the single parent has to go to work leaving the child at home, potential predator become friendly with them by showing love affection by buying gifts and spending more time with them. So the predator wins the trust of the family.
It has been found out that child of single parent having lower income has a high risk of being sexually abused than child of high income.
Single parent should be vigilant when an adult is spending time with his/her child in his/her absence. Government should arrange for high quality child care for the child of a single parent.
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