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article imageDJ:Where Do We Draw The line On Articles with Slightly Different Content?

By RobotGod     Mar 16, 2007 in
I have an interesting conundrum. Can We clarify something about content?
I'm still kinda new here compared to alot of my fellow DJ'ers. I have found this site to be simply amazing....The design...the owners are amazingly human and even goof around with us...the users, well they are simply the best group of people you could hope to meet on the net...kind and helpful decent people...
So when I found this site, I immediately loved it. Everything about it. I enjoy working for you guys.
And because I found such a great group of people here who I respect and admire, I kept thinking to myself...."You know I am a writer who has written several novels, I'm an artist...(I am kind of jack of all trades, but the writing is what is relevant here)...and there was this one Novella that I wrote years ago...And I keep thinking, man I would love to share that one Novella with these guys." I kept wondering if this was strictly against the rules.
I mean, If I shared it, I would have no intentions of self promotion at all. I am not trying to sell it. I don't want to share others even...I just want to share this one story..Because it is something very special I think.... It's a novella so its not a full sized novel or anything. I thought that perhaps I could share a chapter here and as not to clog up the works....Cuz I know alot of you guys would absolutely love it. But like I said, I wasn't sure if that was strictly against the rules...
So then there was this Peta thread the other night...
PETA spewing their agenda. I felt that that thread was purely agenda driven myself...but it kind of crosses over into my dillema so I watched to see what would happen.
Chris had two interesting responses. Here is the first:
Thanks everyone for watching out for copy+pastes, but PETA has rights to paste its own articles. As long as this user is not taking them from a third party, they can post news written by their own staff.
I have rights to share my own words as well....No third party required here...
The other response from Chris was:
Thanks GHL. I contacted this person privately and was very clear to them they should not post any advertising or self-promotional material whatsoever. But, if they have an editorial opinion, no matter the subject, it's no different than you or I writing.
If you feel it's crossing over into self-promotion I will let you guys decide that. From the beginning DJ Staff tries to stay out of editorial decisions of what should be posted here.
What do you think? Is it too promotional? Is there anything this writer can do to editorialize it more?
I certainly don't intend to post any self advertising....Or self promotional material...I just want to share cuz I love you guys and gals....And from Chris' other words I thought maybe the whole site could decide. If I did post it, they are certainly free to vote me down...
So anyway, of course I want to share with all my new friends...But I am seeking DJ staff and user approval because I care about this place...So I guess I have stated my case*L*
Also, if that does not work for ya, here's another idea. My being a writer/artist one of the first things you notice is that there is no "art" type of category.
A situation like this would be solved. It could go there. Because it is art, and art is a part of the news and should be shared...You can break art like news you know...
I am giving DJ a chance to have it...I think if you said yes, that you would find that it is damn good content to have on this site...
So, I would like to know what you think.
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