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Paula Abdul: Simon Cowell's Like An 'Antagonistic Brother'

By Chris V. Thangham     Mar 15, 2007 in Entertainment
Paula says her fights with Simon is all an act in Idol show, and are more like friends.
Their back-and-forth bickering might make for great American Idol drama, but Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell are really friends off screen. At least that's what she tells TV Guide in a recent interview.
Paula Abdul in an interview with TV Guide says she and Simon Cowell may fight a lot in the Idol show, but really they are friends. She said that their constant fights, and her on camera grimacing is just for a show. And said they have cultivated a fun relationship and he's becoming a real good friend.
But she adds that Cowell's trouble making tendencies can cause some problems. "In the middle of me trying to figure out how I'm going to say something that gives someone dignity walking off that stage, I've got the antagonistic brother goofing on me, trying to throw me off," she says in the interview.
Paula Abdul is clear about her relationship with Simon Cowell, it is just friendship nothing more. Cowell sometimes teases her and says that people want them to be a couple. She replies to him that it is a disgusting thought.
She said Simon and herself have fun playing up the chemistry, but she also said sometimes she wouldn't want to talk to him at all in the show.
It would be foolish for them both to ignore each other, because together they have made American Idol an empire, if they fret and fight it will bring the show down. Both Paula and Simon should act natural instead of trying to act.
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