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article imageResearchers Develop Dress Made From Wine

By geozone     Mar 15, 2007 in World
An observation made by a University of Western Australia (UWA) researcher back in the days when he worked at a vineyard inspired him to literally grow dresses.
Gary Cass noticed that whenever oxygen penetrated into the vats and turned the wine into vinegar, a slimy, rubbery layer appeared on top. This layer was produced by bacteria and, if left undisturbed, would spin into cellulose.
Cass and his UWA colleagues took vats of wine and deliberately let them ferment to produce cellulose. They then scooped the cellulose from the surface of the fermenting wine and placed it over the form of an inflatable doll. As the cellulose shrank, it took the shape of the doll's body at which point the doll was deflated. What was left was a brand new fermented frock.
There is one major catch. The dresses have to be kept wet otherwise they dry out and tear easily.
Cass says his creations are meant to be art and not provocative fashion...for now.
His next step is to make the fibers longer or figure out how to join them to produce something more pliant. Once that has been achieved, he can grow wearable fabrics from fermented wine and beer.
If you wanted to make your own shirt, for example, all you would need is some cellulose and a cast of your body. Layer the cellulose over the cast and soon you would have a fresh new shirt.
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