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article imageMyspace. Growing Fad?

By archangelG     Mar 15, 2007 in Technology
Is myspace just a huge fad, or is it going to grow bigger and better?
Ive used myspace. Its an excellent way to talk to friends, make new friends, souund off, etc. But is it worth all the hype?
Alot of people are now on myspace, and the social networks site appears to be growing and appealing to all ages. But in particular lends alot of weight to the youth and teen sector.
Myspace is the current thing everyones talking about. I can't have a conversation with someone under 25 without them saying "are you on myspace" or "ill send you a message on myspace". Great! but whatever happened to meeting people in person?
I agree, that making friends online can be a rewarding experience, from just a simple chat and gossip, all the way to advertising and promoting. And myspace accounts for alot of this. The amount of web traffic that myspace gathers alone, must be phenomenal!
Its useful dont get me wrong. I do a weekly blog entry on there for all my myspace contacts in the form of a tarot reading fro the week ahead. And its had some success. But do you think myspace will grow and grow into something much larger, in order to get a high section of the media market?
Aside fromt he social networking side of things, its a greta place for bands and other media related groups to get a web presence. The list of bands and the like on myspace is heavy.
Myspace is already featuring versions designed for mobile phones, which some UK providers are supporting with gusto. But will myspace fade and die in popularity just like many other social networking sites?
Whats myspaces next move?
Im considering getting shares in it.
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