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DJ Exclusive - SXSW Day 2 Wrap Up

By malan     Mar 15, 2007 in Entertainment
We encounter David Cross from TV show 'Arrested Development', rock icon Vic Thrill and more
The day disappeared... the airport became our very existence... strangers became our friends... and bad luck became our guide. We spent most of the day yesterday at Dallas Love Field airport. Flights delayed, overpriced food, people.. everywhere. Our 2 hour layover quickly turned into 3 and by the time we hit Austin, day was turning to night.
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We saw Shannon, played her Rhodes piano and wrote down directions, then we headed for Tommy's house to meet up with the guys from Red Book Audio, an Austin local act who is playing 5 SXSW showcase, they showed us their TV commercial for the band that ran on Comedy Central... all I can say is that the boys were in their underwear... and perhaps some panties. All is fair in rock n roll kids.
Around eight o'clock we headed for the festival.
Downtown was slammed, people everywhere. Tommy and his friends dropped us off and we met up with Gary Hizer at the Austin Convention Center to pick up our badges. He had to a bit of harrassing because our names could not be found in the system but after 20 minutes or so we were golden and blessed with our badges of honor by a friendly SXSW help staff.
We hit the streets, immediately, stars were around us. David Cross, the wormy, younger brother from the show Arrested Development (one of my favorites) stopped and talked to people on the street, laughing, drinking and talking loudly. It was amazing that within 2 minutes of being at the festival we encountered such a big star. We continued on into 6th street, chaos was all around us. People everywhere, street musicians, music fans, artists, record label execs, you name it, we saw them. We ran into Dfest founders TJ and Angie who were giving out passes for the Dfest showcase going on the next day. Later I saw a tall head in the crowd that turned out to be Tulsa local P.D.A. with Matt Lip and crew, we exchanged CDs and were on our way. Leslie, the Austin icon... he was there, in his G-string panities and leather jacket that read "Born To Be Ridden" on the back... we got some photos with him... we split from Hizer.
I was in search of one man, Vic Thrill, legendary NY icon and underground hero, ex-singer for the band The Bogmen, now playing in "Vic Thrill & The Saturn Missile." It was my purpose in life to find Maggie Mae's and see his showcase. George and I began to wander... in search of an icon.
We popped in and out of clubs, I immediately met a booking agent from L.A. that was at the festival scouting new talent, I thought he was the door guy at the club and started a conversation. We saw a jam-band, very good, didn't catch the name, we almost stayed but figured every club held an experience for us so we wanted to stop in as many as possible. We found Maggie Mae's and saw Kava Kava, a Yorkshire act that sounded like a Tom Jones singing for Depeche Mode, it was surreal, amazing, the crowd was light and I realized that we were standing in the very spot that Vic Thrill would be appearing in later in the evening... we'd found it.
We hopped again and ran into more friends, Leslie and Beau Charone, ex-Tulsan's now living in Austin. Beau had just finished a set and was standing outside. We exchanged CDs and talked as the next act set up, Drum Jam, another Austin local that loaded more drums on the stage than I've ever seen in my life. I tried to hold out for their set but as the clock started ticking I knew I needed to get to Maggie Mae's to see Vic, this set is the reason I am here.. can't miss it. I said my goodbyes and headed for the club.
Once inside I learned that Vic was at least 30 minutes behind, his bus was late and the club was empty. I sat down in front of the stage and waited. A journalist was sitting beside me and because of my badge, he thought I was either a showcasing artist, a member of the press or some kind of label rep, he asked me if I knew who Vic Thrill was and we started talking. He was a writer for an Austin publication and he was considering leaving due to the bands tardiness. We talked, exchanged numbers and he disappeared. Then... Vic appeared.
He came on stage in an old pair of tennis shoes and pajama bottoms. His mustache went from his upper lip to the far end of his cheek bone. He looked like some out of place pirate.. he loaded keyboards, effects units and a laptop on stage and to my surprise opened up Ableton Lve 6.0, the same software I used to record my latest CD. Other musicians set up as well, a drummer (who later claimed that he had never played with Vic Before and was from a different state than the singer)... and a girl that was running visuals, a video setup of some sort. I was shocked to see Vic setup almost exactly like I've been planning my own next phase of live performances, just him, a drummer and a laptop. Perfect.
I decided I needed to make the most of the opportunity and I wanted to meet Vic, so I constructed "the note." Throughout the night we'd been approached by everyone, labels, management, booking agents, artists because our badges are exclusive it appears and the normal festival goers don't have them so we were in, ya see? I used it to my advantage and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down. "POST SHOW INTERVIEW HUGE MIDWEST MAGAZINE" and took it to the stage. Vic accepted it and nodded... we were golden.
The show started. I'd been hyping Vic to George all day and at this point I'm sure he was sick of hearing about it. He'd (George) stayed behind to see Drum Jam and met up with me just as the show started. I was blown away. I wish I could type that in a different language because I want to say it again without being redundant. The show was amazing, dead on, samples flew around us like kites, Vic's voice was spot on, he played "Nobody's watching the Radar" I almost fell over. It was an amazing show, surreal at the least. I guess I never really thought I'd see him live, someone I admired so much and there he was, rocking out in PJ bottoms in Austin, TX.
I was video taping the show with camera, which turns out to be against the rules. A SXSW representative stopped by every 5 minutes and told me to put the camera away, she was getting angry... totally sick of me and my camera. Every time she walked off, the camera shot back up in to the air and started filming again, there was no stopping me. The show continued... and we danced.
Afterwards Vic told me to come backstage, we were going to do the interview, I was shaking in my shoes. He led me to a hallway where we stood face to face, just Vic and I looking at each other... and I started asking questions. We talked about The Bogmen, The Saturn Missile and plans for the future, afterwards he invited me to hang out with him. He was swarmed outside by video cameras, I'm still not sure what was going on but there were cameras everywhere. At some point we separated and I didn't see him agan... he was gone.
The night was closing down, people were everywhere and George and I called Tommy to see if we could, by chance, get a ride back to the house to crash, luckily they were still downtown and we met up and drove back to the house. Geoge and I crashed on the floor and just woke up about an hour ago... I have to stop typing so we can get some food... I need food badly.
Tonight is Mute Math, Busdriver, Aqueduct and Fair To Midland... see you tomorrow.
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