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MP3 - Whats your player?

By archangelG     Mar 15, 2007 in Technology
MP3. We all love it and use it, but what software is going to come out on top? Are you a winamp "llama whipper" or an iTunes hipster?
MP3. We all love it, and have been using its wonders for many many years. MP3 has given us a wonderful premise for music versatility and portability. But when your at home, which player do you use?
Speaking to alot of people, there seems to be a big debate about which is the better player. Winamp, or iTunes.
Ive always used winamp, and have touched on iTunes before. I enjoy the amouunt of plugins etc you can obtain for Winamp (visit for details). But am i an old stick in the mud?
With the rise of popularity of the iPod, iTunes has indeed grown in popularity, through connectivity issues if nothing else.
Another question that tehrefore raises its head, is that should i be using software such as iTunes, to be in vogue? Apple have indeed made a huge stamp on the digital market just lately, with the introduction of the iPhone, and iMac is now becoming more popular than ever.
Proud to say that neither of them are endorsed by Microsoft, i think that other softwrae producers should be given the chance to work in the digital markets.
I am the proud user of both an iMac and a PC, for different reasons. But i still prefer winamp, it just seems to appeal to me.
What does everyone else think?
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