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article imageClose Encounters With 'Lights' In the UK's West Country Again

By Michelle Duffy     Mar 15, 2007 in Environment
Strange lights seen in the night's sky by two separate witnesses in Taunton, Somerset, UK. The Somerset County Gazette have reported a list of sightings by some of it's readers.
Perhaps we should know take the idea of UFO's more seriously than previously thought since peculiar lights have been spotted in the beautiful West Country landscape in the UK.
The Somerset County Gazette have reported a list of sightings by some of it's readers. It was around ten o'clock last Monday night when the light appeared in the sky according to Fay Boyd of Kingston St Mary, Richard Fowle of Cheddon Road in Taunton, and his son Edward.
Similar light sightings have been made but then discovered to be RAF training in the area - such aircraft sightings are very common in the area. Yet, Mrs Boyd told the paper, "There was a long vertical light, it was not a star but I have no explanation for it." Surely this could not have been a fighter plane.
"As far as I can tell it didn't stay there very long, I don't normally believe in the paranormal but it was very strange." She added
One reader, however, has come up with his own theory that actually makes sense. He has explained on the website that there is a " rare phenomenon known as the Zodiacal Light, a ghostly cone of illumination caused by the reflection of the Sun’s light from millions of tiny particles in the plane of the Earth’s, and Venus’ orbits."
Apparently, this type of light is normally visible around the dusk hours, which is around 5 to 6 pm in the evening at this time of year, so 10pm at night is the only thing that casts a shadow of doubt onto this theory.
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