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Guantanamo detanee 'confesses' to 9/11 plot

By Mark M Drewe     Mar 14, 2007 in Politics
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to planning the 9/11 attacks and others during a Gitmo military hearing...
This article makes me suspicious; the transcripts seem to point to guilt, but after watching stories about Guantanamo, watching Road to Guantanamo, and hearing of the general injustices being put forward at Gitmo, it's very possible Khalid just cracked - after all, it seems in that place you're guilty until proven guilty.
It's possible that he just confessed to everything because he'd been pounded that way for his duration - and despite the letter from Bin Laden (supposedly, although how could they possibly prove that, and if it was, wouldn't they be able to pinpoint at least a nearby CITY or postal outlet he's in?
If he truly was the mastermind, then it's good he's in jail and apparently ready to admit it - but with my skepticism over how prisoners are treated and how many or manipulated into admitting virtually anything, I'd like to know more about the case, more about the past, and more about the man himself.
But it's definitely something to chew around; let's just hope they've actually got the guy that did it.
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