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Child Abuse..When will we realize Enough IS Enough.

By Hotttttie     Mar 14, 2007 in World
We hear the horror stories of the internet world and luring children, missing children, child abuse and the list goes on and on But when is Enough enough.
This video shows a harsh reality of what I think is just down right gross.Children in pagenats is a little too much,they should be playing with barbies,friends,laughing ,Not being made up like dolls and wearing make -up at the age of 4+.
What really makes me wonder is the parents who allow anyu child to dress up at such a young age and to be performing in a life style that a child shouldn't be .
Many cases have been studied and have been claimed that this is the act of one's wish for their child to be fulfilled but the dream can cause more then we know it.
I hope you see what this video is trying to say and what the message it sends is one that maybe we take for granted.
Children are children not something we use to achieve a dream maybe we never had offered.
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