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Sudbury M. P. P. victim of political bullying while trying to access information

By soome2000     Mar 14, 2007 in Politics
"A New Democrat MPP is accusing the provincial government of trying to conceal information about the legal costs of its court battle with the parents of autistic children. "
On March 12 Osprey news reported that it was extremely difficult to get information from many public institutions.
This week Sudbury M. P. P. Shelley Martel has been named in a legal action which is designed to prevent her from doing her job. She told CTV that it was political bullying.
Martel has been pushing for three years to find out how much the province is spending to fight parents of autistic children over access to therapeutic services, she says she won't stop fighting for that information.
"Shelley Martel says she can't believe the government is taking her to court to keep the information secret.
Martel filed a Freedom of Information request for the information and even the Privacy Commissioner says she should get the requested data. But the Attorney General has also named the Privacy Commissioner in the court case, trying to block the release of the information."
Any parent, grandparent or guardian of an autistic child knows that early intervention is very important. Intensive Behavior Intervention is one of the most effective therapies for these children, but the Ontario government only funds I. B. I. for six years, most children aren't even properly diagnosed by the time they are three.
Another example of the government's transparency. Once the bottom line is revealed, it will be found that the huge legal costs could have given treatment to hundreds of children.
A message to Shelley, you go girl!
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