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Alligator Found in Tennessee Lake

By Brandigal (Donna)     Mar 13, 2007 in Environment
A 5 foot alligator was found in a Tennessee Lake sunning itself like a turtle.
Tennessee wildlife officers found a 5 foot alligator on Sunday in Watts Bar Lake.
Alligators are not known to Tennessee. The population was zero because of the cold climates.
They know that it must have been put there by humans. Someone must have had it as a pet until it got to big and then they let it go.
So what do the wildlife officers do? They kill it and have it stuffed so they can put it on display.
Dan Hicks, spokesman for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said
"When somebody says alligators aren't found in Tennessee, we can point to it and say, 'This one was,'"
I do not think killing the alligator was necessary. They could have transferred it to a place that it could live or even to a zoo. To kill it so they can now say we found an alligator in Tennessee , to me that is wrong.
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