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article imageNew Images: Huge Seas on Saturn's Moon Titan

By Tea Lulic     Mar 13, 2007 in Technology
Evidence, found by NASA spacecraft, shows us the existence of huge seas that are likely filled with methane or ethane on Saturn's moon Titan.
Can you picture any of the Great Lakes in North America? How about the Caspian sea? Now try to imagine something larger than any of the Great Lakes and just a tiny, tiny bit smaller than the Caspian sea and you will get the exact dimension of one of these seas.
Very large black spots were detected by NASA's spacecraft called Cassini. According to the article, one of the seas measures at least 39,000 square miles which is approximately 100,000 square kilometers!
If you don't know anything about Titan, it is the second largest moon in the universe. Two gases that are on Titan are methane and ethane.
"We've long hypothesized about oceans on Titan and now with multiple instruments we have a first indication of seas that dwarf the lakes seen previously," said Jonathan Lunine, a University of Arizona scientist who works on Cassini data.
According to the research team, they don't have the evidence yet that these seas are filled with any liquid. However, their shape and darkness indicate that there might be some liquid, possibly methane or ethane because these are abundant in clouds in Titan's atmosphere.
Scientists are further checking whether or not these seas contain liquid.
Before, geozone reported about the presence of lakes and rivers on Titan. However, now, scientists have found seas also. I wonder if these seas contain liquid, and will keep you posted on the latest developments of this potentially groundbreaking research.
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