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article imageRebate Retribution

By timmack     Mar 13, 2007 in Lifestyle
iVillage just came out with a great story that explains that some stores, at last, are trying to do away with rebates.
How many people out there have been duped by these silly rebate scams? Okay, they may not all be scams, but, at least, I still consider it dirty pool. I mean, if they just want to give you ten or twenty bucks off something, then they should just do it at the checkout counter.
If you're wondering, yes, I am bitter, very bitter, because I have been burned several times with rebate deals. In fact, I'm still waiting for two years now for the $100.00 rebate I was supposed to get when I bought my computer. Its been over a year now that my rebate for an electric shaver has failed to grace my mail box.
In fact. I'm still waiting for about twenty rebate checks that have never arrived. And when I ask my mailman why the rebates are so delayed, he just laughs and say's, "you don't really beleive in those rebate scams do you?"
Anyway, I don't even really go shopping all that often. So if I've been taken so many times, I can just imagine how frustrated avid shoppers must be about this rebate situation.
I'm just glad that some stores are doing something at last about this rebate problem and I'm thrilled that iVillage has posted this story that exposes the scoundrels for what they have done.
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